Compliance Program

Unity House’s Compliance Program provides the foundation for the agency’s continued compliance with all predictable laws, rules, regulations, contractual obligations, and policies and procedures that govern our operations and the provision of services. Here are relevant documents for review of the Unity House Compliance Plan:
2017 Compliance Plan
 Code of Conduct
False Claims Policy & Procedure
Investigation Policy & Procedure
Discipline Policy & Procedure
Non-Retaliation & Non-Intimidation Policy & Procedure
Training & Education Policy
The detection, correction, and prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse are central goals of the Compliance Program. Unity House employees, managers, executives, board members, sub-recipients, contractors, and vendors have an affirmative duty to report any suspected compliance violations.
Unity House of Troy, Inc.
Compliance Program
Andrea Ryan
Compliance Officer
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What is fraud, waste, and abuse? Fraud: Illegal act of obtaining something of value through willful misrepresentation. Waste: Inappropriate use of government funds usually as a result of mismanagement or inadequate oversight (not always an illegal behavior). Abuse:  Deficient or Improper behavior, or misuse of authority or position for personal financial interests or those of close family members or business associates (not always an illegal behavior). Unity House strives to provide an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the law.  We value high standards of care and practice and exercise due diligence to prevent and detect fraudulent and/or criminal conduct.  Every Unity House employee, manager, executive, board member, volunteer, subcontractor, vendor, and business associate have a duty to make a good faith report of any suspected fraud, waste, or abuse.  Employees are protected by Unity House’s Whistleblower Protection Policy, and reports can b

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

Unity House of Troy, Inc. is a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As such, Unity House is required to inform patients how medical information may be used and how they can get access to that information.