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Kayla Treanor: Champion on the field and off

In the world of women’s lacrosse Kayla Treanor is a leader: as a player on the field, as a coach on the sidelines. Kayla is also an advocate for people in need.

This summer Kayla will play the sport she loves while being part of a team that champions the civic good. Kayla is playing with Athletes Unlimited, a company that is forging a new model of professional sports. They offer athlete empowerment, and a chance to be an ambassador for sport, along with new opportunities to engage with fans, including tech put to use in new ways, with the common good in mind.

To that end, players have chosen a charity to highlight during their playing season. Kayla recognizes that raising awareness and needed support is one way athletes with a public persona can help make a difference where they live and play their sport.

Kayla has chosen Unity House and the topic of domestic violence as her cause to champion. Kayla is well-versed on the needs of survivors since her mom, Janice Treanor, has long worked in the non-profit sector. Janice Treanor helped head up the Unity House Domestic Violence Services program for many years. She has worked tirelessly to help victims of dating and domestic abuse. Her work dates back to a time when staff were working hard to forge partnerships to help meet the needs of people needing something so basic: safety. Pioneers like Janet helped pave the way for today’s Collaborative Community Response model, widely seen as the gold standard for programs that help victims of violence. Programs like that at Unity House.

Inspired by Action

If you’d like to help spread awareness, you can cheer Kayla on when you tune in to games and share her messages about the topic of domestic violence and that help is always available to people in need. You can also make a donation to Unity House’s Domestic Violence services program in honor of Kayla’s work so we can continue to help those seeking refuge from violence.

About Kayla Treanor

A native of Niskayuna, Kayla was recently named head coach of the women’s lacrosse program at Syracuse University, her alma mater and a home she is more than happy to return to.