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Unity House and the Commission on Economic Opportunity at Holiday Time

Unity House’s Community Resources program, formerly known as Street Ministry, has partnered with the Commission on Economic Opportunity to help families in need at holiday time.


The Adopt a Family Program provides a chance for those receiving services through Unity House as well as other children in need in our community to receive gifts at holiday time.  Each year, with help from generous individuals and groups, Unity House is able to provide for hundreds of children who receive gifts at this very special time of year.

The Community Resources program is delighted to partner with the Commission on Economic Opportunity to work together to create a ‘store’ where parents can ‘shop’ for gifts for their child(ren). Through this partnership, we are able to maximize efficiency of delivery of services while offering dignity of choice to parents in need. Those wishing to help, either through a donation of cash, gift cards, toys or ‘adoption’ of children in need, can contact our Volunteer Desk at 274-2607,  extension 4139.

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