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Unity Sunshine Program featured in Parent Pages

The Capital District Parent Pages published an essay written by Erin Maloney about her young son’s challenges in dealing with speech apraxia, a condition where words don’t come easily.  In her family’s case, Erin recognized early that her toddler son was not on track developmentally for speech. After testing, her child was diagnosed with speech and motor delays.  Through early intervention and continued therapy received at Unity House’s Unity Sunshine Program, her son is doing just fine. In a nurturing classroom her son learns and plays alongside his typically developing peers while he receives needed services.  As Erin writes in her Parent Pages piece, “It is a highly intensive program that (he) is receiving, but the benefits are priceless, and I often find myself ‘speechless’.”  As her family’s story illustrates, early intervention for developmental delays is key when it comes to developmental delays.


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