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Got Suggestions for PROS?

Unity House PROS Program Holds Participant Advisory Meetings

The meetings are usually held in conjunction with a fun event. Participants in the PROS program and those on the Participant Advisory Board are asked for input. Recently, when asking for suggestions on how the program could be improved, one of the ideas was a suggestion box. 

When we saw the mailbox that would eventually become the PROS suggestion box, we saw an opportunity. We understood that the PROS program can only go as far as our participants want to take it and their involvement in all aspects is crucial for success.

One of the many activities we offer each week is an activity called “Healing Emotions Through Art” and this was the opportunity. The class was asked to beatify the box in a fashion suited for PROS program. Together participants created a suggestion box adorned in recovery oriented themes. The outcome was wonderful: not only in the appearance of the suggestion box, but also in the way participants and staff came together in the project. PROS’s new suggestion box was presented to the participants at the latest participant advisory meeting.

You can find the suggestion box and more information about the PROS program at Unity House’s Front Door. For more information on PROS, please contact Harlan Hall at (518) 274-2607 x4172.