Domestic Violence Services

Domestic Violence Services Programs

Help is Available Around the Clock

Unity House’s 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline, text line, and web chat feature are anonymous services which provide crisis intervention, information and referrals 24-hours a day, year-round. Collect calls accepted. To talk with an advocate in confidence:

Call (518) 272-2370

Text: (518) 720-6161

Or use web chat online:

Cell Phones

Unity House has 911 cell phones that are available for victims of domestic violence free of charge. For more information, call Domestic Violence Emergency Services at 518.272.5917.

Outreach services and information are available at our non-residential spaces located in Troy and Rensselaer County:

Unity House’s Kathryn Allen Center for Domestic Violence Services
6 102nd Street*
Troy, NY 12182

*Located in Lansingburg, next to the Family Dollar store.  Please note that we no longer have an office in downtown Troy, at 504 Broadway.

Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM
No appointment necessary.
Phone: (518) 272-5917
All services are free and confidential

Rensselaer County Rural Outreach

In the Hoosick Falls Armory, 80 Church Street.
No appointment necessary.
Phone: (518) 687-3024
Monday-Friday 10:00AM-4:00PM
All services are free and confidential

Additional Programs

  • Case Management

    Case Managers work with victims of domestic violence to assess their needs and provide safety planning based on an individual’s need. The level of service is diverse and intensive and may include: living skills training, obtaining and maintaining housing, utilities and employment, financial literacy, legal assistance, coordinating with the Department of Social Services, Mental Health Services, health care providers and other community resources.

    For more information, call Domestic Violence Services at 518.272.5917.

  • Community Education, Outreach and Training

    Domestic Violence awareness and training is available to the public and community agencies interested in becoming knowledgeable about domestic violence, stalking and related matters.

    Looking for a free speaker to address your youth group, book club, or team about a topic like Teen Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention or Human Trafficking? Contact us about sharing expertise delivered in an age-appropriate structure.

    For more information, call Domestic Violence Services at 518.272.5917

  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention

    Dating violence and healthy relationships education programs are available for high schools and colleges, and other youth providers. Additionally, counseling services are available to staff, parents, and youth who are experiencing dating violence, as well as those serving populations experiencing dating violence. Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program has an extensive youth program that can provide both counseling and case management to youth experiencing domestic, dating, and family violence.

    Counselors are also available to support school personnel when dating violence occurs among students.

    For more information, call Domestic Violence Services at 518.272.5917

  • Counseling

    Individual and group support is available to victims of domestic violence and their children. Unity House also provides support groups for survivors of domestic violence and their families.

    For more information, call Domestic Violence Emergency Services at 518.272.5917

  • Crime Victims Assistance and Human Trafficking

    Crime victims can access crime victim applications and receive assistance with completing their applications. Unity House also has Notary services available on site.

    Human Trafficking
    Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. It often involves transportation of undocumented victims through force or fraud away from their country of origin.

    Unity House assists all human trafficking victims; both sex and labor trafficking in meeting their emergency and on going needs. Unity House serves all victims regardless of immigration status.  Through our confidential safe shelter we are able provide emergency housing for trafficking victims. Unity House works to serve trafficking victims with ongoing case management and assistance. Case managers work with victims both short term and long term to meet all safety and sustainability needs. Unity House has therapist who are specifically trained in serving trafficking victims, and has a bilingual Spanish-speaking therapist. Unity House can offer free legal assistance with civil matters for all victims and referrals for victims seeking immigration assistance. Unity House is committed to providing voluntary, free, confidential and inclusive services.

    For more information, call Domestic Violence Emergency Services at 518.272.5917

  • Law Project

    Unity House’s Law Project provides  free legal consultation and representation to victims of domestic violence or any of our consumers who are in need of legal help. Our Law Project staff is experienced in resolving the often-complicated legal challenges faced by victims of domestic violence and others who are seeking civil legal relief.

    Staff can provide assistance in preparing legal documents, court accompaniment, and direct representation. Legal services include: assistance in obtaining orders of protection, custody, child support, divorce in NYS and other family-court and non family-court related matters.

    For more information, call Domestic Violence Services at 518.272.5917

  • Advocacy

    Unity House educates, collaborates with others and advocates to influence policy to create awareness of the people we serve and the issues they face.

    For more information, call Domestic Violence Services at 518.272.5917

  • Emergency Shelter

    Unity House operates the only licensed Domestic Violence Shelter in Rensselaer County.  Sojourner Place, the Domestic Violence Shelter, is available to survivors of domestic violence and their children who no longer have a safe place to stay free from violence.

    The 40-bed shelter is inclusive of all and provides safe refuge in a confidential location. Services are provided to men, women, transgender people, and their children.

  • Gun Violence Prevention

    Gun violence is a topic that intersects with domestic violence at all levels.

    Did you know that a victim who experiences intimate partner violence with a weapon is at much greater risk of dying by gun violence at the hands of their batterer? 

    The topic is especially poignant when addressing gun violence and teens, who, when living in an urban area, may be at heightened risk of dying by gun violence. That’s why it’s important that community organizations work together on street outreach.

    Unity House is proud to partner with area agencies addressing this topic. If you would like to join us in this work, please contact us (518) 274-2607 x4133

    If you would like a speaker to talk to your youth group, book club, or office staff, please reach out.

    Together, we can work towards making our community safe from gun violence.

  • Outreach: Rural and Other Populations

    Aside from operating the only licensed shelter for victims of domestic violence in Rensselaer County, Unity House’s domestic violence services program also offers non-residential services and safety planning.

    Services can be accessed in downtown Troy or in rural Rensselaer County. People in need of refuge, safety planning, or other services, can call the downtown Troy office or the satellite Hoosick Falls office.

    No appointment is necessary: walk-ins are welcome to visit the non-residential offices:

    Downtown Troy: Our Troy office is located downtown at 504 Broadway. Phone: (518) 272-5917

    Rural Rensselaer County: Our Hoosick Falls office is housed in the Armory at 80 Church St in Hoosick Falls. Phone: (518) 687-3024