Northeast Career Planning at Unity House

Northeast Career Planning at Unity House

Focus: empowering individuals with disabilities to break through barriers to employment.

This program helps with opportunities for employment, training, and education. Career Planning promotes recovery and utilizes strategic partnerships to offer person-centered services.

Expansive services covered under the Northeast Career Services at Unity House program were made in part by the merger of Unity House and Northeast Career Planning. You can read more about this merger, which finalized on January 1, 2021, here. 

Your Life. Your Success.


  • Locations

    Northeast Career Planning at Unity House sites:

    2431 6th Ave. in Troy, NY 12180
    (518) 274-2607

    150 Broadway at Riverview Center*
    Menands, NY 12204
    Phone: (518) 465-5201
    *Formerly Montgomery Wards

    16 Pearl Street in Glens Falls, NY 12801
    (518) 812-0280

    1 Vapor Trail in Hudson, NY 12534
    (518) 312-4831

  • Assisted Competitive Employment (ACE)

    Assisted Competitive Employment (ACE)

    Offers a continuum of vocational services for those with Mental Health diagnoses and reside in Columbia County. This program focuses its service approach on the foundation that competitive employment is a recovery goal.  Services are individualized and participant choice is at the center of all service interventions.​

  • PROS

    PROS –Personalized Recovery Oriented Services

    PROS on Broadway is a comprehensive recovery-oriented program for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. The goal is to integrate treatment, support, and rehabilitation in a manner that facilitates recovery.

    Corporate Partners

    Through the Corporate Partnering Program of New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID), we partner with regional companies, including:​

    ​The purpose of the Corporate Partnering Program is to develop business opportunities between Preferred Source agencies and private vendors to provide economic incentives for both partners to create new integrated work opportunities for people with disabilities. Disabled individuals working on NYSID Preferred Source contracts perform the majority of contract work (more than 50%).

    ​Greater awareness of these partnerships has increased private sector competition for state contracts and increased willingness on the part of private companies to employ people with disabilities.

    ​We oversee Employment Contracts within New York State and federal agencies. These Employment Contracts provide employment for persons with disabilities in integrated settings located at NYS agencies ad at federal agencies, such as The Office for Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

    For more detailed information and history on Corporate Partnerships please visit

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is PROS?

    PROS stands for Personalized Recovery Oriented Services. PROS services are designed to help individuals develop strengths and skills to overcome barriers that prevent the achievement of life goals.

    Who is eligible?

    Individuals 18 years or older with a psychiatric disability, living in Albany or Rensselaer Counties and covered by Medicaid are eligible. Self-pay options are available.

    ​​Where do I go?

    PROS is located in Menands, NY. PROS services include both classroom activities and individual counseling. A recreation room and on-site cafeteria are available.

    ​​​What can I expect?

    There are over 70 (45 minute) classes covering a variety of topics for individuals to choose from. PROS services are offered Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm.

    ​​​How does it help?

    Participating in PROS can help you:​

    • Live more independently in the community
    • Involve your family in your recovery
    • Develop a detailed road map to reach your goals
    • Build your support system through peer and professional interaction
    • Find direction and meaning in life

    To learn more, contanct a PROS Practitioner: (518) 465-5204 or

    ​​​PROS Classes include:

    • Building Relationships
    • Constructive Communication
    • Wellness Self Management
    • Building Self Esteem
    • Interviewing Preparedness
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Independent Living Skills
    • Parenting
    • Meditation and Relaxation
    • Organizing Your Life
    • LGBTQ-Related Topics
  • Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE)

    Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE)

    Assessment of individuals’ strengths and limitations through standardized testing.  Vocational skills, interests and aptitudes are identified in order to recommend training and/or job placement and to develop a realistic vocational plan.

  • Interpreter Services

    Interpreter Services

    Provides qualified professional interpreters and available wherever full access to communications is required for deaf individuals.

  • OASAS Vocational Services (Office of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services)

    O.A.S.A.S. Vocational Services (Office of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services)

    Comprehensive, vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with chemical dependency issues participating in specific substance abuse treatment programs.  The New Choices program also falls under this funding.

  • Preferred Source Employment Contacts

    Preferred Source Employment Contracts

    Provides employment for persons with disabilities in group and individual settings located at New York State and federal agencies, such as the State Education Department, United States Housing and Urban Development, and New York State Archives.  Job titles vary but include clerical, mailroom, and janitorial responsibilities.

  • Prevocational Services

    Prevocational Services 

    Addresses individuals’ vocational interests. They assist individuals who are interested in joining “the world of work” but whose skills are such that they may not expect to obtain competitive employment within the next year.

  • School-to-Work Services

    School-to-Work Services

    Provides students and young adults with vocational education through integrated work, community involvement and vocational exploration. Collaborations with specific high school districts serving all youth with disabilities. Additional targeted contracts in Albany and Rensselaer Counties for youth with mental illness and/or emotional disability.

  • Supported Education

    Supported Education

    A mobile community program which assists individuals with mental illness in choosing, acquiring and maintaining educational goals.  Educational pursuits range from acquisition of basic literacy skills through the achievement of Bachelors, Master’s and/or Professional degrees.

  • Supported Employment

    Supported Employment

    Job placement services that offer assisted job development, job placement, intensive job coaching and ongoing extended support services for individuals with the most severe disabilities who, without these supports, may be unable to maintain independent competitive employment.

    For information on the NCP OPWDD Safety Plan CLICK HERE

  • Traditional Job Placement

    Traditional Job Placement

    Job placement services that assist individuals establish job goals, examine the labor market and hiring trends, plan and manage a job search, and secure employment. Also included is ninety days of post-employment follow-up counseling and support to ensure successful transition. Re-placement services are available if needed.

  • Work Center Services

    Work Center Services 

    Provides adults the opportunity to be gainfully employed while in a supportive and structured environment. The work center employees complete production tasks for various manufacturing contracts while improving work skills and developing strong work habits. Individual vocational counseling services are provided in conjunction with participants’ residential case managers, Medicaid Service Coordinators and other clinical providers.

    Addresses individuals’ vocational interests. They assist individuals who are interested in joining “the world of work” but whose skills are such that they may not expect to obtain competitive employment within the next year.

  • About Northeast Career Planning at Unity House

    This program came about in part due to a merger between Unity House and Northeast Career Planning, a merger that was finalized in January 2021.

    Northeast Career Planning Services was founded in Menands, NY in 1954, when it was originally called ‘The Workshop’. The focus has always been to help with employment opportunities for adults who face barriers to securing and maintaining a job.

    Decades of work and expertise has resulted in a robust offering through multiple access points. Through the 2021 merger, existing services are enhanced, offer broader reach, and benefit from being part of a human services organization where clients can benefit from other needed services.