Thrift Store Donations

ReStyle, the Unity House thrift store

What is the Unity House Thrift Store?

ReStyle offers clothes, shoes and accessories at affordable prices. The store offers clothes, shoes and accessories by acting as a “broker” among people who have items to donate and people who have a need for those items. ReStyle has universal pricing, which means shirts are one price, pants another, etc. The store is open to shoppers on weekdays, from 10am-2pm.

How do I donate?

Please call ahead to (518) 274-2607 to speak with our Community Resources program to make sure the item you are donating is one we can use. Accepted donations can be brought to 2431 Sixth Avenue on weekdays during the hours of 9-3pm. If you need to arrange a different time, please call for more information. We cannot accept donations on weekends. Unfortunately, Unity House does not have the resources to pick up donations. If you have large donations that you cannot transport or we do not accept what you’re looking to donate, please try:

Quality = Dignity

Thank you for your interest in donating to Unity House. We are always happy to take your gently used clothing, shoes and accessories, but please understand we can only accept the same quality we have in our store.

Donation Guidelines:

  1. Clothes should be ready-to-wear: clean, free of stains, tears, or missing pieces. 
  2. Preference for clothes that are in-season.
  3. Donations should be of a manageable quantity so as not to overwhelm intake workers.

Donors are encouraged to call ahead if they are unsure if Unity House can use an item: (518) 274-2607

What are some handy donations a non-profit like Unity House can use?

People in need are often in need of basics, such as:

  • New underwear, socks, and bras: all sizes, genders, and styles
  • Coats and boots for all types of weather
  • Everyday men’s wear. Note: we have wonderful men’s business attire in stock, but there is not much demand for these types of clothing given that offices are more casual and some work settings require sturdier clothing for hands-on work.
  • Toiletries: any item you use in the bathroom can be put to good use in a food pantry or shelter. Included in toiletries would be diapers/pull-ups (any size, except Newborn), and baby wipes. Bear in mind that there are different skin/hair types.
  • Grocery items: food pantries can always use items on the shelf
  • Gift cards to grocery or big box stores: we can even use the remaining balances. Do you have a Target Gift Card with $2 left on it? It can add up and help a non-profit get just what they need.
  • Dishes: these should be microwave-safe and everyday items. Charities cannot often use specialty items, like punch bowls or fondue sets, and often incur a cost in the handling and disposing of such items.
  • Pots and Pans: for everyday use, in common sizes.
  • Towels and bed linens in common sizes: ideally, recently laundered, bagged, and labeled by size
  • Via our secure website, cash donations
  • Items We Accept

    • Clean, boxed or bagged clothing that is in season
    • Shoes
    • Purses, handbags, clean tote bags and reusable shopping bags
    • Linens: sheets, pillowcases, blankets, new pillows,
    • Towels and washcloths
    • Jewelry
    • Books: for children and adults

    If you are unsure about your donation, feel free to call and ask. We are happy to have you describe the item over the phone. Donation drop off hours are weekdays, 9:00 – 3:00 pm.

  • Items We Cannot Accept

    • Used computers. Try E-Lot Recycle. They accept all sorts of electronics that we cannot!
    • Small electronics and household appliances
    • DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes
    • Used cribs, due to model recalls
    • Toys and games
    • We just don’t have the space for any large furniture such as couches, dining room tables or mattresses with box springs. Try Troy Area United Ministries instead!
    • Clean-out jobs. When cleaning out a house, please choose what you’d like to donate. We appreciate your donation, but please make sure we accept it!
    • Used car seats or other baby care items. Please call to see if a baby item is something we can accept.
    • Used undergarments and bathing suits
    • Athletic or workout equipment
    • Hand or power tools
    • Outdoor lawn equipment