Unity House Leadership

Board of Directors

Executive Committee*

Kathleen (Kate) Koval

Carlo Fusco
Vice Chairperson

Beth Muthersbaugh

Jennifer C. Zegarelli

Noreen McKee
Member at Large

Michael O. Lipschultz, CPA
Member at Large

James A. Slavin, M.D.
Member at Large

Marsha Ras
Member at Large

James E. Spencer, Jr.
Member at Large


Barbara Arisohn
Michael A. DiAcetis
David Ellis
Alec Courtney
Paul Levine
Kate Manley
Erika Martin, PhD
Noreen McKee
Ryan Mullahy
Michael J. Roche, Jr.
Karen Simons
Tara Toomajian
Gerald Washington
Jean Watts

*Executive Committee members are members of the Board of Directors

Management Team

Chris Burke
Chief Executive Officer

Diane Cameron Pascone
Director of Development

Tabitha Dunn
Director, Domestic Violence Services

Stacey Faulisi
Director of Finance

Linda Lewis
Director of Housing and Support Services,
Community Resources

Milinda J. Reed, Esq.
Director of Human Resources
General Counsel

Nancy Rider
Director, Northeast Career Planning at Unity House

Susan Rimkunas
Director, A Child’s Place at Unity House

Andrea Ryan
Compliance Officer

Nadine Walsh
Director of Property Development & Property Management

Andrea Ryan
Director of Grants and Strategic Initiatives