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Diapers Needed

A Child’s Place at Unity House Serves the Littlest Learners

Unity House’s children’s programs and services go back to our founding in 1971. Parents needed childcare and help with children in need of services, like speech therapy and more.  Today, A Child’s Place operates out of multiple sites, offering an array of services to families with children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. You can find all the details, including information on openings at their Troy or Albany sites, on their website.

Parents in Need

Some childcare centers will not let a baby on site unless they have the needed diapers. One parent shared the experience of needing to buy diapers at the corner store, where there was considerable mark up. She lacked transportation yet needed to drop her baby at daycare in order to get to work.  Buying diapers on the fly was a challenge. One day, she simply did not have the diapers and the center would not yield on their policy that babies must have enough diapers for the day. The mom ended up staying home and missing work that day. It’s easy to see how this was not ideal for mom, baby, or work.

Got Diapers?

If you’d like to help, consider donating diapers in size 3, 4, or 5 to Unity House. We’ll get them to A Child’s Place sites so babies will have what they need, and parents can have peace of mind. You can also ship direct, by using our online Wish List.

Or use our address:

Unity House
2431 Sixth Ave
Troy, NY 12180

Att: A Child’s Place

You can also send gift cards so we can purchase diapers, or make a donation, putting the word diapers when you make a gift online.