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Housing Support Services

Housing Support

One of life’s essentials, housing has always been a key service at Unity House

Our housing programs have one goal: to help people live an independent, productive, and satisfying life in the community.  It began simply enough: in the mid-70’s, Unity Park House opened as a community residence, where people and staff lived together. It was a time when people with mental illness were being ‘deinstitutionalized’ for a community-based form… more

Employee Spotlight

People who help make life better Liz Dinardo is the Program Director at one of Unity House’s three community residences, in our Housing Support Services program. It’s a direct care role, where she interacts with people who use Unity House services, often referred to as consumers, as well as oversee staff who are available 24/7… more

Questions about Eviction or Tenancy?

COVID-19 Impact on Housing is Significant It’s one thing to lose your job, take a pay-cut, or have your work hours reduced. Everyone tries to tighten their belt and seek relief where they can. But what about your housing? For people who have trouble keeping up with expenses like rent or utilities, where can they… more

Always. Be. Advocating.

Raising awareness about the people we serve and the issues they face is part of our mission. Advocating is especially important when it comes to housing, which brings to mind the Bring It Home Campaign, a coalition urging New York State to adequately fund community-based housing programs for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Full recovery and… more

Health Home Care Coordinator Featured

St. Peter’s Health Partners Care Connections Newsletter Touts Community Connections Unity House staffer Jazmin Melendez was recently featured in SPHP’s Care Connections Newsletter. Their Spotlight section profiled Jazmin who works as a Care Coordinator in Health Homes at Unity House. What’s a Health Home? First, it’s not a home. But it is home-focused. Health Home… more

Health Homes: Name of federal program born from Medicaid Redesign is a bit misleading

It’s NOT a home. Health Homes stems from the Medicaid Redesign. The program works to reduce unnecessary hospital stays and emergency room visits by linking High Medicaid Users to needed services. High Medicaid Users are people who have chronic behavioral, substance abuse, and/or medical needs (or a combination thereof). Essentially, Health Homes is The Ounce… more

November marks Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month

 How to help Host a drive for your local food pantry or shelter: the Unity House food pantry is seeking pantry goods for Thanksgiving Food Packages. Or donate directly to the food pantry. Buying in bulk through our regional food bank makes a cash donation an efficient way to give. Collect needed items for shelter… more

Unity House to provide HCBS

HCBS stands for Home and Community Based Services Unity House can provide long-term care services and supports in the home or community. These services can be: Education Support Services Empowerment Services-Peer Supports Family Support and Training Habilitation Intensive Supported Employment (ISE) Non-Medical Transportation Ongoing Supported Employment Prevocational Services Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Short-Term Crisis Respite Transitional… more

Team CHAP: Love in Action

November’s Homelessness Awareness Month has kept Unity House’s Supportive Housing Programs BUSY On top of their daily caseload of finding stable housing for vulnerable adults and adults living with homelessness, staff have taken on the work of raising awareness of the issue of homelessness in our community. On November 21st they took on tacos. Unity House’s… more

CHAP Socks it to Homelessness

In recognition of November being Hunger & Homelessness Awareness month, staff from Unity House’s CHAP program have organized a drive for new socks, underwear and bras for nearby shelters. CHAP, which stands for Community Housing Assistance Program, is just one of several supportive housing programs available through Unity House. CHAP provides housing case management services including… more