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Most Diapers Ever

Pioneer Bank is known for lots of great things.

Along with more locations, redesigned spaces that offer more services, and of course superior banking, you can now add Successful Diaper Drive to the list of Things Pioneer Bank Does Well.

Exceedingly well.

Let’s start with the basics: what’s a diaper drive? It’s when a group decides to collect diapers and baby wipes for food pantries and other groups that need them. Pantries, and every Unity House program, have a need for children’s diapers. Diapers are easily among the top three items parents request help with.

By the way, did you know that some daycare providers won’t accept your child for the day unless you bring in a sufficient supply of diapers? You can imagine how this might impact the working poor if you run out or can’t find the best price for necessities.

Back to Pioneer. They have taken on Capital Region causes in a big way. They have a Making Change committee headed up by Ellen Fogarty. She works across 22 branches so the Pioneer team know the issues and causes, and can decide as a team where to direct their energies. The branches do lots of creative things together once they pick a cause. In the case of their Diaper Drive, some collected boxes and packages, and one group pooled their resources to order in bulk from Amazon.

To say the Pioneer Diaper Drive was a success is an understatement. Never before have we been able to supply in one day, every program with diapers to fill a need. Seriously, it was a lot of diapers. Not one more package or box would have fit in their delivery vehicle.

About a third of the total donation.

Many thanks to everyone at Pioneer. We appreciate these amazing gifts, for the caring generosity behind each one, and for reminding us that when we come together we can accomplish great things. Special thanks to Annmarie Perichinsky and Ellen Fogarty for personally delivering such a wonderful surprise.

Interested in hosting your own drive?

Contact us at (518) 274-2607 x4133  for a conversation on our current needs and how this might align with your group’s interest. Whether it’s collecting soup, tampons, or socks, there are many ways to connect to help people in need in your community. And, if you decide to collect diapers, that’s great! We can use any size except the Newborn size. They are tiny and babies grow out of them so quickly. On behalf of those we serve, thank you.