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Are you ready for the summer?!?

School is almost out and the Unity House Traveling Summer Camp is getting ready for an influx of kids.

Since 1972, the free Unity House traveling summer day camp has provided opportunities for children to spend time outside, take trips to state parks and museums, to swim, to play ball, and explore the world around them.  Our day camp provides a safe and nurturing environment, encouraging children to be themselves, develop self-confidence and a sense of community. The relationships developed during camp between the children and their peers, as well as their counselors, who often serve as role models, create lasting bonds that go beyond the summer.

The camp is funded entirely by donations. Can you pitch in and help us ensure that kids from low-income households can have a safe summertime experience?  Call or send a donation in to Unity House/Camp at 2431 Sixth Avenue, Troy, NY 12180. You can also make a secure online donation in our “How to Help” section at “Make a Gift”.

On behalf of the hundreds of kids who will benefit from the Unity House Traveling Summer Camp, Thank You! And don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!