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Bake Sale Superstar

You know how sometimes kids reach middle school and they can get kind of surly? Maybe some have an attitude and it seems as if their eyes constantly roll back into their heads? Some days it’s enough to make you weep for the future.

But not Bake Sale Superstar. She’s a local middle schooler who will give you hope for the future, while you savor her excellent baked goods. She will be hosting a bake sale at the fabulous Sweater Venture in East Greenbush. (You know, the place that looks like a barn. It was a barn, but now it’s a fully functioning store with beautiful fair-trade goods, many of them knits, from around the world.)

This is not the first year that Bake Sale Superstar has spent time planning, baking, and staffing a bake sale to benefit Unity House. This is her fourth year in a row of giving back. We could not be happier. Not only is she doing something that will benefit Unity House, primarily victims of domestic violence, but she’s helping restore our faith in humanity. Middle schoolers can be a tough bunch, some of them anyway. But Bake Sale Superstar will give you hope.

We don’t mean to put pressure on her or make her out to be a saint. We’d bet there’s some eye-rolling, but it’s nice to be reminded that most people are good. Most people do the right thing. Most people will lend a hand when they can.

It’s nice to be reminded of all the good that is not just in the world, but right here in front of us.

Check it Out:

Bake Sale to benefit Unity House
at The Sweater Venture
700 Columbia Tpk
East Greenbush, NY 12061

Selling baked goods from 11-2pm

Also, the Sweater Venture is hosting a Toy Bin for the Unity House Adopt a Family program. Drop by to donate a new toy, game, or book. Also good are new boots, coats and snow pants in sizes for elementary school kids (approx. 5T-14).

Many thanks to Bake Sale Superstar and the Sweater Venture.