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Best. Volunteers. Ever.

Super Volunteers!

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month

We would love to gather up our volunteers and tell them how much we appreciate them. We want to remind them of the positive impact they make across Unity House programs in ways large and small. We want to thank them and tell them how much their service means to the work we do. But we can’t. Social distancing has meant big changes to the daily operations at Unity House.

As an essential service, we can’t close. Instead, we’ve adapted. This has meant reduced staff and volunteers in some places. In others, volunteers have had to pause entirely, as is the case for our thrift store, ReStyle, which is closed. (Don’t worry: staff are still able to help people in need of clothes from our existing stock. Still, it’s disruptive to everyone that the store is closed.)

Some volunteers have chosen to take a break given their risk profile for Covid-19. We fully support their decision and appreciate that we have also had interest from new volunteers. (Hello returning college students!)

No matter the status of volunteers, we want them to know we still have them in our hearts, if not exactly in our kitchens, classrooms, pantry, store, office spaces, events, or front yard. We know there will come a time when we can gather safely. Until then, we’ll be patient and focus on our mission of helping people in need. We’ve got great help in doing so.

Meanwhile, to show our appreciation, we are moving things online. Look to the Unity House Facebook page for virtual celebrations of Unity House volunteers. We hope to convey how much we appreciate the valuable service our volunteers give, the positive impact they make, and how we truly miss them.

Lastly, if you know someone looking to make a difference, please put them in touch with the Unity House Volunteer Desk. While we have paused our monthly in-person info sessions, we can provide information over the phone. In addition, there are ways that prospective volunteers can get involved- from home!

In whatever way you make a difference in your community, thank you for being involved. Your service is appreciated more than you know.