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Domestic Violence Services: There when you need them

Help is Always Available

Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services Program does A LOT. They have a residential and non-residential program that collaborates with community partners to meet the needs of victims of domestic violence; they offer free legal services to low-income residents of Rensselaer County; they have support groups, cell phones; help with issues around stalking; housing; job loss; food insecurity; child care; school…. it goes on and on.

The group does an amazing job. The work they do is, in some cases, life-saving work, all made possible by their commitment to offer help to people who need safety. Services are free, voluntary, and confidential.

Answering the Call

Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program won a competitive bid to answer the NY Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline. Already staff field thousands of calls from the local hotline, along with text and webchat that were added last year. During the pandemic, calls and inquiries about how to access help for issues around domestic violence, often shortened to DV, spiked.

Unity House is proud to work with NY State’s Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence to provide this service to all who call for help. Advocates offer expertise and a path to safety and resources, helping victims become survivors. They strive for dignified service delivery that is survivor-centered, trauma informed and culturally responsive.