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Getting a Foothold

Staff learn more about software geared toward human services agencies like Unity House.

Foothold is a word you might associate with rock climbing:  having a place to put your foot while you focus on moving up. If you don’t have good foothold…. well, you know what could happen.

For Unity House, Foothold is the name of a software product geared toward human services agencies. What many don’t know is that for human services providers, the onus of reporting can be a crippling one in terms of the time and energy it takes to track and report data. Frankly, devoting resources to the collection and management of such data can take away from direct service that is needed. That’s why products that meet industry standards that focus on simplifying data collection are essential for human services providers like Unity House.

For Unity House staffers, attending a user conference for the software we use, Foothold Technology, was a great help. Although proficient users already, learning more how to better use the system and about upcoming chages is always helpful. It’s also invaluable to be able to meet with other providers from other areas to hear about best practices.

For those who come to Unity House, our ability to document needs and track trends is invaluable. It means we can better understand the needs of those who visit Unity House and know where to apply our limited resources. For our staff, having tools that can help means we can devote more of those limited resources toward providing help where it’s needed. In short, we can help offer a foothold to the individuals and families in need who come to Unity House for help.

For more on Unity House programs and services that provide direct service to people in need, please visit Program Services Page.