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Help is available

Purple is the color for domestic violence awareness

Need greater in time of Pandemic

Meeting the needs of those suffering from domestic and dating abuse has always been a part of the work at Unity House. It’s a complex issue that requires a coordinated community response. Victims of domestic violence face many challenges, physical safety being the the first on a long list.

Fortunately, Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program can help. The program offers a range of services to meet the needs of victims of domestic violence. The staff focus on three main areas: residential services, non-residential services, and free legal help with civil matters. It’s a LOT of moving parts and it takes knowledge to help victims become survivors. It also takes a village. The DV Services Team is experienced in working with community partners such as family court, local police departments, social services, probation, and housing providers.

In a time when many areas have been on lockdown or quarantine, the needs can change and victims of abuse can face heightened risks to their very survival. Unity House, along with other service providers, has seen an increase in calls for help. With much support, we have been able to meet this increase in demand for our services.

The Albany Times Union recently featured the need for help in an article in the June 12 edition of the paper. You can find the article online here.

A reminder that help is always available. Unity House has a 24 Hour Emergency Hotline for help with domestic violence:  (518) 272-2370. Additionally, the business office can help during traditional weekday business hours: (518) 272-5917.

Want to help?

You can help victims become survivors by making a gift to support the valuable work of the Unity House domestic violence program, collecting needed goods such as toiletries for our shelter, or volunteering your time to help the program. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Desk at