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It takes a village

We’ve all heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s true that no one succeeds at anything alone and this is especially so in caring for little ones.

At Unity House, one of our earliest programs was helping children who were struggling with developmental delays. Over 40 years later, Unity House’s special education and childcare programs are still working with children and their families. You may remember the program as Sunshine School, Unity Sunshine or even USP for Unity Sunshine Program. Others simply call it Unity House Childcare. Whatever the name, no one term can sum up the array of services the program provides at its three locations, in the home, and in the community.

Did you know that 848 children received care through the Unity Sunshine Program in 2015? Some received childcare in an infant, toddler or preschool classroom. Others received special education and related services such as speech, music, and occupational and physical therapy. With three locations – Downtown Albany, Downtown Troy and South Troy – the program can offer its services to a broad group of families in need of special services or standard childcare. The program also offers Universal Pre-Kindergarten through a collaboration with both the Troy and Albany school districts. The program is accredited and regulated by state and local agencies.

Interestingly, Unity House childcare programs are one of two programs not located at The Front Door, Unity House’s community resource center at 2431 Sixth Avenue in Troy. The other one is the Unity House Domestic Violence Services program, located in downtown Troy. Families in need of childcare or screening for developmental delays are referred to the program.

Many are familiar with Unity House but may not know the breadth and depth of our services, especially when it comes to children. Whatever your experience, know that Unity House’s childcare programs and services help the many children that benefit to live and grow together in integrated classrooms that make for a fun and enriching environment.

To learn more about Unity House childcare offerings for children with developmental delays and their typically developing peers, please call or text (518) 238-8666.