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Looking to donate items to ReStyle?

Do you have clothes, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories you just don’t wear anymore?
Need to make room in your closet?
Pare down your shoe collection?

Consider donating those fashion cast-offs to Unity House! Not only will you feel unburdened by having room in your closet (and you’ll be able to see what’s in there), your goods are sure to find new love on our sales floor. Your donated clothes, shoes and accessories will find new life with someone else.

Donations of gently-used clothing help keep our merchandise fresh and provide for people in need: the clothes in our store are priced reasonably and those who have an emergency need are able to obtain a voucher to pick out just what they need. In this way, all shoppers have the dignity of choice they need and deserve.

What to donate and how to donate it

Choose from your wardrobe items you no longer wear but are still in good enough condition that you would loan them to a friend. The store can’t use items that are worn, stained, stretched out or items with missing buttons, broken zippers or other defects.

Bag or box up your clean items and bring them to The Front Door at 2431 Sixth Avenue in Troy. Donations are accepted weekdays from 9-4pm. In the parking lot of the rear of the building are double green doors that lead to our Sorting Room. If no one is available to answer your knock, walk in to our central lobby and ask for help.

Unity House will give you a receipt for your donation. It is up to you to determine for tax purposes the value of your gifts.

Finally, consider shopping for some new threads in our store, open weekdays from 10-4:30, open later on Thursdays when the store closes at 7:00.

Questions? Call us at (518) 274-2607.


On behalf of those we serve, Thank You for thinking of Unity House!