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Sanctuary for Independent Media Talks About Mary Jane Smith Day

WOOC-FM Highlights Local Happenings

The Sanctuary for Independent Media, located just a few blocks north of Unity House on 6th Avenue in Troy has a mighty stake in local media. They are known for airing voices and providing forums for stories you won’t find elsewhere. That’s why Unity House was honored when were invited to talk about the second annual Mary Jane Smith Day at Unity House.

The late Mary Jane Smith was one of three people who founded Unity House in Troy in 1971. All three founders eventually moved on to other pursuits, always in the helping or creative fields. Mary Jane Smith remained in Troy for the rest of her life and, after retiring from Unity House, volunteered at the agency in many capacities. She was a beloved figure at Unity House and around Troy, known by many and revered for her sunny disposition and willingness to help all. Her passing in 2017 at age 88 was a keen loss felt by many who had come to love seeing her in the Unity House kitchen where she volunteered each week to serve lunch.

At Unity House, where we strive to emulate her example of loving kindness, it seemed fitting to celebrate one of our founders on her birthday, May 15th. For many, the day is a chance to come together and remember a dear friend, a loving mentor, a sweet and funny person. At Unity House the kitchen will cook up one her favorite meals, break out the photo albums, and take a moment to think about what her legacy means. For some, that might mean volunteering, for others it might mean being kind to those around us, and to some it might mean something only they can name. Those who knew her know that she would not like any sort of fuss made about her, but that’s part of what makes the day special: a chance to recognize how she always thought of others.

If you’d like to join in, stop in at Unity House at 2431 Sixth Avenue and join us for lunch on the 2nd floor where everyone is always welcome for the free meal served weekdays from 11-1:30.

In the meantime, if you’d like to hear the interview on WOOCFM, you can tune in here. If you’d like to watch a televised interview from 2009 where Mary Jane Smith is interviewed by Amy Halloran for the Sanctuary for Independent Media, check it out here, on their YouTube Channel.