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Second Hand Clothing a Fashion Statement

Do you like vintage clothing? Or perhaps you shop second-hand stores because you are thrifty. Or maybe you are motivated to keep gently-used clothing out of the waste stream. Some might even shop second-hand to support a cause close to their heart. Still others might be committed to the recycling aspect, not buying into consumerism of new goods.ReStyle Logo small

Whatever your reason for shopping for gently used clothing, there are plenty of people like you.

Check out this article on vintage clothes and the savvy shoppers who look for them. The photos in this article showcase some great looks!

Shoppers who look for gently-used quality pieces- for whatever reason- should consider spending some time looking through the racks of ReStyle, Unity House’s store offering gently used clothing at discount prices. The clothes are donated and made available to people in need. Prices are deeply discounted and for those who can’t afford them, vouchers are available. The store offers a variety of price points, and includes racks of in-demand labels, sometimes with the tags still on them. These may be priced higher than the basics that are in the store, but represent a significant bargain given the quality and demand for the piece.

ReStyle is open weekdays, from 9-4:30pm. For more information on the store and Unity House, call us at (518) 274-2607,x4134.