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Unity House Volunteer Program: A Passport for Good

Mobile and Web platform developed locally helps non-profits

Passport for Good is a mobile and web platform that chronicles student engagement outside of the classroom providing a verified non-academic transcript. Passport for Good captures community service, career, and participation in extracurricular activities, and aggregates data across individuals, groups, and events to increase engagement and demonstrate community impact. Non-profit organizations benefit since it allows them to communicate their needs for volunteers.

At Unity House, volunteers can participate in a variety of ways from bagging dog food for the pantry to stocking shelves and organizing gifts in the Holiday Store to serving lunch at the Community Meals Program and much more. Through this new affiliation with Passport for Good, Unity House will have the ability to identify which tasks volunteers are participating in and more easily connect again with students and families so that they can continue to make a meaningful impact.

“Volunteers and students contribute a tremendous amount of time to helping our organization by hosting drives for needed items, preparing and serving meals in our dining room and kitchen and so much more,” said Unity House CEO Chris Burke.

Passport for Good has a wide variety of affiliates. Affiliates are able to display information about their organization in the Passport for Good platform to encourage student volunteers to participate in their opportunities. Students record data on each experience. The schools are able to use the student engagement data for program feedback, and the students begin to build a resume for college, and career readiness.

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To speak with Unity House’s Volunteer Desk to see if volunteering at Unity House is right for you, call (518) 274-2607 x4134 or