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Meeting People Where They’re At

New Video highlights what happens at Front Door

You know Unity House’s site at 2431 Sixth Avenue in Troy? We were surprised to learn that some people think people LIVE in that building. Maybe it’s the big Unity HOUSE sign on the building.  The fact is, while Unity House does provide supportive housing and case management services, mostly to vulnerable populations such as people living with persistent mental illness or HIV/AIDS, that housing is in scattered sites in the community. No one lives at our community resource center, often called the Front Door, at the base of Hoosick Street.

So what does happen there?

It’s a community resource center, often the first point of contact for people seeking help with life’s essentials. The front door offers a food pantry, a thrift store, help with all sorts of issues like job search, eviction prevention, help with SNAP benefits (known as food stamps), books, even a hot meal served every weekday. Of course, with social distancing, much has changed. For example, walk-ins are no longer permitted. We ask that folks make an appointment and much of service delivery happens at a distance, outdoors.

But the need has only increased: we have seen a 40% spike in food insecurity since April 1, 2020. Sadly, that trend will continue to rise.

Which is why the services housed in the building are so valuable. To learn a little more about what goes on, and the philosophy behind all of Unity House’s services and our commitment to treating everyone with dignity and respect, check out this video, made with generous support from Amwell and MVP Healthcare.

While only the Front Door is shown, know that the footprint of Unity House is broader. From therapy and childcare for children, to help for victims of domestic violence- the two programs NOT housed at the Front Door- there is lots going on at Unity House. You can’t always see what goes on inside a busy building and it’s especially challenging in a time of pandemic, but know that our essential staff are hard at work. As the video shows, we are committed to meeting people where they are at, inspired by our founders and their commitment to social justice.

Special thanks to staff who appeared in the video and helped with filming.