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PROS Makes a Difference

Unity House program puts the personal in recovery from mental illness The PROS program, short for Personalized Recovery Oriented Services, engages and assists individuals in managing their mental illness. Trained staff help individuals restore and develop skills and supports to live in the community. Staff include licensed professionals in the disciplines of social work, mental health counseling, and… more

Mental Illness Diagnosis has High Costs

A diagnosis of mental illness such as bi-polar disorder of schizophrenia can be challenging. Help is available for people or family members going through such an experience, but what about the financial toll?  The impact over time can be devastating financially. Especially when it involves young adult children who may be aging off of their… more

PROS Program Profile in Paper

Did you catch this article in the Albany Times Union about the Unity House PROS Program? PROS stands for Personalized Recovery Oriented Systems. The program is for adults living with mental illness and the approach is an empowering one. Since it is often the person living with mental illness who is in the best position to recognize the… more

Finding an Appropriate Path to Recovery: PROS Can Help

For many an appropriate path to recovery from Substance Use Disorders is not an obvious choice. The most recognizable form of recovery may be a self-help program like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. While for large numbers of people these organizations have offered a way and the means to establish and maintain recovery, for those… more

Got Suggestions for PROS?

Unity House PROS Program Holds Participant Advisory Meetings The meetings are usually held in conjunction with a fun event. Participants in the PROS program and those on the Participant Advisory Board are asked for input. Recently, when asking for suggestions on how the program could be improved, one of the ideas was a suggestion box.  When… more

PROS: Personalized Recovery from Mental Illness

How does PROS help people with mental illness? Recovery with mental illness is about figuring out what one wants in life and working towards achieving those goals. The Unity House of Troy PROS program is designed to support adults in their recovery from mental illness. In order to best meet one’s needs, it’s important that a participant and the Unity House PROS Team develop a clear understanding… more

Mental Health Affects Everyone

The Unity House PROS program can help! What is PROS? The acronym stands for Personalized Recovery Oriented Systems. It’s a program designed to be a person-centered path to recovery for adults with mental illness. Unity House’s program is available for those seeking a holistic approach in their recovery with mental illness. The Mayo Clinic defines… more

Unity House PROS Program has openings

PROS stands for Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS). It’s a comprehensive recovery oriented program for individuals with a diagnosis of mental illness. The goal of PROS is for individuals to chart their own path to recovery with comprehensive services. With a dedicated team of Unity House professionals, the PROS program offers an integrated plan that… more

Unity House Ambassadors Hit the Streets of Troy

The green vest worn by Unity House Ambassadors is a symbol of pride. A beacon, you might say for those in need of help. Unity House Ambassadors wear the vest with pride, knowing they can help others by way of sharing their experience. What are Unity House Ambassadors? They are a group of adults who use… more