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Love Grows Here

Veggies planted on Mary Jane Smith Day

May 15th, Mary Jane Smith Day at Unity House, saw lots of activity. Among the many wonderful volunteer projects, was the planting of a small garden at a nearby residence. Some of the tenants came to reside there through Unity House and they benefit from Unity House support and case management services. Without this supportive housing, these individuals would be homeless.

What makes a home?

A million little things make a house a home. For this particular spot, a beautiful veggie and herb garden are not only lovely and nutritious- a great benefit to all the residents- but also a reminder that when our basic needs are met, we can bloom where we are planted. Many thanks to those with green thumbs who planted this lovely garden. More photos, here.

Are you interested in volunteering with Unity House? Want to help people with household goods to set up a new, stable home? Contact us at (518) 274-2607 x4135 or

On behalf of those we serve, thank you.