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October 10th is World Mental Health Day

Removing the stigma of mental health helps reduce barriers to accessing help.

World Mental Health Day seeks to take the issue of mental health out of the shadows.

Statistics show that only one third of those with mental health conditions actually seek help. Taking the issue out of the shadows emboldens conversations and promotes treatment options for everyone. The goal is to mobilize efforts in support of better mental health.

In the workplace, researchers have found that absence, disability, and lost productivity from depression cost employers more than four times the cost of employee medical treatment, even when workers’ compensation medical costs are considered. The symptoms of depression of depression are known to cause people significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, and other important areas of life, but many people may not feel comfortable seeking treatment because of the stigma and fear of repercussions (such as losing their job or not receiving a promotion). There are also data that show that mental illness short-term disability claims are growing by 10 percent annually and can account for 30% or more of the corporate disability expense for the typical employer.

This year, take stock of your workplace and be aware of those who may be struggling and hurting. Ensure resources are available for those who need them. For more information visit this website on World Mental Health Day. For workplace resources, check out Right Direction.