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Barbara Devore of the Independent Living Center to Accept Award

October Marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program has a full month of outreach and awareness events scheduled for October. These efforts not only bring attention to the issue of domestic violence (DV), but also offer a chance to highlight the community collaboration needed to address the issue of domestic violence in our community.

The highlight of the planned events will be on Thursday, October 19th at the Domestic Violence Awareness Event and Art Show. Held at the Arts Center of the Capital Region in downtown Troy, this free event offers an opportunity to showcase artwork by survivors of domestic violence and to recognize valuable community partners.

Unity House is pleased to announce that Barbara Devore of the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley will receive the Coordinated Community Response Award.

About the Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley

The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley (ILCHV) works to empower individuals living with disabilities. Located in downtown Troy, the Center is part of a network of Centers for Independent Living across New York State and works on a peer-based model where each Center is run and supported by individuals with disabilities. The ILCHV works to ensure access to the services needed to improve quality of life in the community.

Barbara Devore has served as Director of Development of the ILCHV for many years. She and the ILCHV are being recognized by Unity House with the Coordinated Community Response Award for October’s DV Awareness Month. Barbara’s strong leadership skills and advocacy have been invaluable in helping victims of domestic violence access needed services. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to furthering accessibility and safety for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault who are living with a disability. As David Warren, Service Director for Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program has said, “Barbara’s steadfast dedication to this population has enhanced the network and comprehensiveness of services available to victims and survivors, and we are grateful for her contributions to our community.”

About the DV Awareness and Art Show

When: October 19
Event Start: 5:00 pm, podium speakers at 6:00 pm
Where: The Arts Center of the Greater Capital Region in downtown Troy
What: Awards Ceremony, Awareness and Art Show

Please join Unity House at this free event where we’ll honor community collaborators, showcase artwork and poetry from survivors, and act as a beacon of hope for those who need safety.

A reminder that help is always available at the 24 hour Unity House Domestic Violence Hotline: (518) 272-2370