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Community Collaboration in Meeting Needs of Victims of Domestic Violence

We’ve often heard the phrase, ‘It takes a village…’ In no area is this more true when it comes to meeting the needs of victims of domestic violence (DV).

At Unity House, we often focus on talking about the community collaboration among various partners and stakeholders when it comes to addressing the serious issue of DV. For victims, meeting their unique, sometimes complex, needs takes a team. That’s why we are so proud of the staff  in our DV services program and the partners who work with them to address the issue of DV, often a crime.

You can read more about domestic violence, about the serious need for housing for those seeking refuge from an abusive situation, and what’s happening at the national level in this news release by the US Interagency Council on Homelessness. To leave an abusive situation can often plunge a person suddenly into homelessness and poverty. It’s a sobering look at the state of affairs, but it’s also heartening to know that at the local level across the country, agencies and individuals are working to meet the needs of victims of domestic and dating abuse.

After all, it takes a village.