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June is Gun Violence Awareness Month

It starts with recognition

Death and injury from gun violence is a serious problem. Addressing this form of violence starts with recognizing this problem exists and creating awareness about efforts to reduce gun violence in the many places it exists. Gun violence is a chronic public health issue.

Many forms

Gun violence, sadly, takes many forms. Whether it is mass shootings, street violence, intimate partner violence, impulsive suicide or  accidental shootings, the toll of gun violence, both financial and psychological, on our society is undeniable. Locally and nationally there is work being done to address the issue of gun violence. Learning more about gun violence means promoting awareness about this issue as well as ways to reduce gun violence and promote prevention.

Wear Orange Day 2023

On June 2nd communities will showcase the color orange to raise awareness about the topic of gun violence. Wear Orange Weekend is June 3-4th. You can join Unity House in wearing the color orange to bring to the forefront the conversation about gun violence awareness and prevention.


Unity House has experts who can speak to reducing community violence. If you are interested in a free speaker for your book club, youth group, faith community, or other gathering, please call us at (518) 274-2607 x4134. Help is always available.