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October is Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Month

Purple is the color for domestic violence awareness

The Unity House Domestic Violence Services program offers safe space to all victims of dating and domestic abuse.

For the month of October, staff and volunteers will be working with community stakeholders to Go Purple to raise awareness of the issue of Domestic Violence as well as to share resources for help and outreach. Here’s more of what’s planned for the month of October:

  • Unity House will be hosting an Awareness Event and Survivor Art Show on Friday, October 12. The location is the Chapel and Cultural Center at 2125 Burdett Ave. Part of the evening will involve honoring two people with the Coordinated Community Response Award and the Volunteer Recognition Award, respectively. The event features amazing artwork from survivors and highlights the community collaboration needed to address the issue of domestic violence and in meeting the needs of victims and survivors of domestic violence.
  • Guests will attend the annual Gala hosted by the Family and Friends of Liza Ellen Warner and the Nikki Hart Children’s Memorial Fund. Proceeds from the event help support local programs that serve victims of domestic violence. Please contact event organizers to get your tickets.
  • There will also be trainings and tabling at local events where attendees can learn about the issue of domestic violence and resources available for victims and survivors of domestic violence.
  • Staff and friends from the Unity House Domestic Violence Services program will be participating in the Humane Society’s annual fundraiser to raise money for needed pet sheltering programs that assist victims of domestic violence. Up to 25% of victims of domestic violence cite fear of retaliation against a beloved pet as a barrier to leaving an abusive situation. Pet sheltering programs help both people and pets find safety. (You can support the team here!)
  • Outreach efforts include working with area schools and student groups to foster conversations on healthy relationships with an aim toward spreading awareness of resources for Teen Dating Abuse. The program puts a focus on outreach to rural communities that may not have access to resources available for victims of domestic violence.
  • To mark Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program is offering Purple Ribbon earrings to those who make a donation in support of the program. For a donation of $15, one can receive hypo-allergenic earrings. For a donation of $20, sterling silver earrings.

For more information, contact Diane Cameron Pascone at Unity House: (518) 274-2607 x4133 or

Help is always available at the Unity House 24 Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: (518) 272-2370