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October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month shines a light on a serious issue

Unity HouseProgram Invites Community In for Inaugural Conference

Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services Program will host with The Sage Colleges a conference on the issue of domestic violence. Slated for October 24th at the Troy campus of The Sage Colleges, the aim of the conference is to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence and highlight the resources available when addressing the issue, discuss the needs of survivors, and promote the community collaborations needed to end domestic violence.

The conference will feature two keynote speakers and offer workshops throughout the day. The morning will focus on Break the Cycle, a nationwide agency dedicated to educating young people ages 12-24 on building healthy relationships and creating a culture without abuse. The afternoon keynote address will be from New York State’s Office of Prevention of Domestic Violence, which will present on the serious issue of strangulation and what it means. Workshops will be led by, among others, the Albany County Crime Victims Unit, The Sage Colleges, Lethality and Risk Reduction, and The Brain Institute. Workshops will focus on topics such as intimate partner abuse, Title IX, risk reduction, and traumatic brain injury.

Those interested in participating in the conference as a provider or community collaborator can contact Unity House’s Sarah McGaughnea at (518) 274-2607.

For guest attendees, please check back in September for event registration.

When people in unhealthy relationships feel supported by the community, they are more likely to make a change for the better.

Block Party Planned to Shine a Light on Serious Issue

The issue of domestic and dating abuse is a serious one that requires collaboration to effectively support victims of domestic violence. A fun-filled block party might seem incongruent when addressing such a serious issue, but to Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program, it’s a great way to not only shine a light on the issue but also to serve as a beacon of hope for those who may be suffering in silence. Through fun games, music, and a resource fair, the block party will bring together many community stakeholders at this free event, slated for Saturday, October 5th.

We are thrilled to honor Cynthia Urbach of Families in Need of Assistance with the Outstanding Volunteer Award for service, advocacy, and action and the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area with the Outstanding Community Partner Award for youth empowerment.

About our Honorees

Cynthia Urbach, Families in Need of Assistance

Cynthia Urbach, Families in Need of Assistance: Cynthia Urbach is a champion of survivors of domestic violence. As someone who understands the needs of survivors and the challenges of establishing safety, Ms. Urbach’s advocacy and action have been key in not only helping people directly, but in creating greater awareness among institutional partners about the issue of DV and how to best meet the needs of survivors. In establishing Families in Need of Assistance (FINA), where she serves as Executive Director, she helped develop the first Zero Tolerance Policy for Domestic Violence in the Albany Police Department and created domestic violence training for judges in the NY State Office of Court Administration. The work of FINA often provides services that are not available elsewhere. In this way, FINA plays a vital role in addressing unique needs. Unity House is proud to honor Cynthia Urbach with the 2019 Outstanding Volunteer Award for service, advocacy, and action.

Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area

The Boys & Girls Club located in Troy is a key community collaborator with Unity House and others. The club provides services and programs to help young people make positive life choices and has worked closely with Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program to teach youth about healthy relationships, where to get help, and steps we can all take to work toward a culture without abuse. The club’s focus on empowering youth to develop self-confidence and self-esteem has tremendous impact. In addition to their work on the issue of Teen DV, the Club, along with their Albany counterpart, is at the heart of many community partnerships that benefit children. Unity House is proud to honor the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area with the Outstanding Community Partner award. Accepting the award on behalf of the group is Mr. Patrick Doyle, COO of the Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area.

Help is always available for victims of domestic and dating abuse. Contact our 24 hour hotline: (518) 272-2370

Please check in to our event and social media pages in the Fall for more details.

Interested in having a speaker talk to your group about the topic? Have you considered sponsoring an event that promotes awareness about the issue of domestic violence? Call us for a conversation at (518) 274-2607 x4133.