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Thank you PHILA!

Philanthropy Club at Emma Willard School Makes a Difference

It’s a club, but runs sort of like a class in which students at the Emma Willard School make informed choices about how to make an impact in their community. For many at the school, it’s a chance to learn more about causes, issues that affect people, and the local impact they can make.

For the 2016-17 school year, the PHILA Club took up the topic of violence and looked at various organizations that work to address the issue. They put out a call for proposals and interviewed agencies that submitted a grant proposal. Unity House was among the finalists and was awarded a grant in May. Grant funds will be used to help with household goods for victims of domestic violence when they are moving from shelter to stable housing. This transition is often overlooked and there is little funding to provide for housewares and necessary furniture such as beds for children.

Unity House is grateful to the Emma Willard PHILA Club for their support of the needs of victims of domestic violence. We appreciate their interest in making a difference and that each year they take up a new issue to explore.

For more information on the Unity House Domestic Violence Services program or other programs of Unity House, please call (518) 274-2607.


For assistance with domestic violence, call the Unity House 24 hour domestic violence hotline at (518) 272-2370.