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Unity House staff and friends help Humane Society

Staff and friends from Unity House formed a team to support the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society’s annual ‘Paws in the Park’ event at Siena College. This fun day helps raise funds for humane society programming and raise awareness about the work of the humane society, notably their partnership with local shelters for victims of domestic violence. Up to 25% of victims of domestic violence report reluctance to leave an abusive situation out of fear of retaliation against a beloved pet. Humane societies provide the valuable service of fostering pets while victims seek refuge.

Unity House is a proud partner of the Humane Society and very proud of the Unity House staff and friends who support this valuable work in our community.

For more information on Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program and how you can help, call (518) 274-2607.We love our pets!