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Unity House at Paws in the Park

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016

Time(s): All Day

Location: Siena College

The amazing team from Unity House, found here, will be at the Humane Society’s great event Paws in the Park!

Did you know the Humane Society routinely fosters pets of victims of domestic violence while they seek safety in a shelter? Residences for victims of domestic violence cannot often shelter pets. Up to 25% of victims of domestic violence report fear of retaliation against a beloved pet as a barrier to leaving an abusive situation. Fortunately, the humane society works with the Unity House Domestic Violence Services program and other service organizations to help remove this barrier.

To support the Unity House Team and the work of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, check out the group’s team page. To make a donation directly to the Unity House Domestic Violence Service Program, please visit here.

Unity House is grateful to the humane society for all they do for animals the people who love them and Unity House appreciates the dedicated staff and volunteers who participate in the Paws in the Park event- you are Making Life Better!