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Questions about Eviction or Tenancy?

COVID-19 Impact on Housing is Significant

It’s one thing to lose your job, take a pay-cut, or have your work hours reduced. Everyone tries to tighten their belt and seek relief where they can. But what about your housing? For people who have trouble keeping up with expenses like rent or utilities, where can they turn?

These are problems that are becoming more pronounced and wide-spread in a time of pandemic. At Unity House, where we focus on preventing homelessness, we see many people living under a near-constant threat of eviction. And let’s clarify one thing: eviction is not just a matter of getting kicked out of your home and needing another place to live. It has ripple effects, disproportionately effecting women and children. The short story is that it’s much better to prevent homelessness through eviction than it is to treat it after the fact. For more insight into this thorny issue, consider reading Matthew Desmond’s book, ‘Evicted’.

Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019

The Unity House Law Project can help renters in a changing landscape. For those who have concerns over threatened eviction, the temporary halt on evictions per NYS Governor’s order which expires on August 20th, or other concerns about how tenancy might be impacted by the pandemic, help is available. People can reach out to Angelique at the Unity House Law Project: or call (518) 687-4699.