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Helping People in Need

A woman we’ll call Vanessa came to Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program. She was a young woman, married and living in Troy. Vanessa found herself in an abusive relationship. Her husband was dominating and controlling every aspect of her life: how she spent her time, what she wore, and even what she could have to eat or if she deserved to eat at all. She had no independence or freedom. Vanessa felt that there was no way out of the relationship; her abuser chipped away at her feelings of self-worth and independence. Unity House was able to help Vanessa develop a safety plan, leave her abuser, and she now lives safely and independently. “I would not be living this new life without the awesome help of the amazing gals at Unity House that did so much for me! I love my life! It’s not always easy, but it’s mine! I choose how to spend my time and what to eat…I’m free! I truly would not be here without all of the people that helped me, and everyday when I thank God for the things I am grateful for…I always include Unity House. – Vanessa*

*Not her actual name 

If you would like to help people like Vanessa, please consider a gift in support of valuable programming, or donate your time by volunteering at Unity House.