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Honoree Spotlight

Purple is the color for domestic violence awareness

October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month provides opportunities to highlight important partners

For some victims of domestic violence, finding safety can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why a visible show of support from the community is important: it shows victims of domestic violence that they are not alone and that help is available.

At the October 5th community block party that will help kick off a month of outreach and awareness activities by Unity House’s Domestic Violence services program, we will be honoring two valuable community partners.

The first is Cynthia Urbach of Families in Need of Assistance. Cynthia Urbach is a champion of survivors of domestic violence. As someone who understands the needs of survivors and the challenges of establishing safety, Ms. Urbach’s advocacy and action have been key in not only helping people directly, but in creating greater awareness among institutional partners about the issue of DV and how to best meet the needs of survivors. In establishing Families in Need of Assistance (FINA), where she serves as Executive Director, she helped develop the first Zero Tolerance Policy for Domestic Violence in the Albany Police Department and created domestic violence training for judges in the NY State Office of Court Administration. The work of FINA often provides services that are not available elsewhere. In this way, FINA plays a vital role in addressing unique needs. Unity House is proud to honor Cynthia Urbach with the 2019 Outstanding Volunteer Award for service, advocacy, and action.



Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area: The Boys & Girls Club is a key collaborator with Unity House and others. The club provides services and programs to help young people make positive life choices. Staff work closely with Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program to teach youth about healthy relationships, where to get help, and steps we can all take to work toward a culture without abuse. The club’s focus on empowering youth to develop self-confidence and self-esteem has tremendous impact. In addition to their work on the issue of Teen DV, the Club, along with their Albany counterpart, is at the heart of many community partnerships that benefit children. Unity House is proud to honor the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area with the Outstanding Community Partner award. Accepting the award on behalf of the group is Mr. Patrick Doyle, COO of the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area.