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Helping Victims Become Survivors by Fostering Pets

“It’s a huge relief and it really changes lives.” 

That’s how Unity House’s Director of Domestic Violence Services describes the collaboration his program has with the Hudson Mohawk Humane Society. The humane society works with Unity House and other Capital Region DV Services programs to foster pets of victims of domestic violence while they seek refuge. Many shelters for victims of domestic violence cannot accept pets. Fear of retaliation by an abuser against a beloved pet is often a barrier to leaving an abusive situation. Up to 25% of victims state that fear for a family pet prevented them from seeking help. Thanks to the humane society’s work, victims of intimate partner violence can have their pet confidentially fostered while they seek help for themselves. “It’s just a tremendous barrier that’s been a longstanding thing that victims of domestic violence have faced, and something that’s no longer a barrier for them,” said Dave when interviewed at the humane society’s fundraiser, Art Saves Animals.

You can read more about the event in this news article.

Unity House is grateful for the many partnerships formed in addressing the issue of domestic violence in our community.  Collaboration is key to addressing this epidemic.

Are you or someone you know experiencing domestic violence? Help is always available. Call the 24 Hour Hotline at (518) 272-2370.