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Mary Jane Smith to be honored as a Woman of Distinction

We’ve known it all along: Mary Jane Smith is a Woman of Distinction! Senator Neil Breslin will be honoring Ms. Smith for her work with Unity House. The ceremony will take place on May 7th at The Capitol.

Long retired from Unity House, Mary Jane Smith has remained a tireless advocate for people in need. When she and Peter Callahan and Regis Obijiski founded Unity House in 1971 they were guided by the belief that all people are deserving of respect and dignity. In many ways, they tried to be all things to all people. Over time their grass-roots, human services, not-for-profit grew into the Unity House of today: a community organization committed to serving and empowering people in need.

We are grateful to our founders in 1971 as well as the many supporters who help sustain Unity House today: on behalf of those we serve, Thank You for your help in building a better community.

Those interested in making a donation in honor of Mary Jane Smith’s work with Unity House may consider a donation to the Deuteronomy Fund.  This fund, established in 1999 by Mary Jane Smith and the late John Henry Lyons, provides small gants to poor people when there are not other sources of financial assistance to meet their needs.  Contact us at or go to

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