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It takes a village

We’ve all heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s true that no one succeeds at anything alone and this is especially so in caring for little ones. At Unity House, one of our earliest programs was helping children who were struggling with developmental delays. Over 40 years later, Unity House’s special… more

Mental Illness Diagnosis has High Costs

A diagnosis of mental illness such as bi-polar disorder of schizophrenia can be challenging. Help is available for people or family members going through such an experience, but what about the financial toll?  The impact over time can be devastating financially. Especially when it involves young adult children who may be aging off of their… more

Core Values

Values are what you stand for. With that in mind, Unity House has adopted Core Values. Unity House’s core values are that with passion and integrity Unity House embraces the view that everyone deserves equal economic political and social rights. We work together to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need…. more

Voter Registration Drive a Success!

Unity House’s Front Door at 2431 Sixth Avenue was busier than usual on Friday, July 8th as the lobby was set up for community members to register to vote! TWC News was there to check it out. You can read and see the story here. Over thirty people registered to vote- many for the first time… more

Federal Funding Award Announced

We are again sharing the good news of the funding awarded to Unity House and partners that will help provide supports around programs that address the intersection of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. Local TV stations picked up the story when Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer announced the news of this vital funding. You can read more here…. more

Eighth Street Location Receives New Donation Bins

Unity House’s 8th Street location is the home to new donation bins for drop off of clothing and shoes. Unity House was founded by people who were committed to living in a low-income neighborhood to better understand the needs of the poor. The original ‘Street Ministry’ operation of Unity House was in a small house… more

Smart Cycling Class at Unity House

Community members are invited to a Smart Cycleing Class on Saturday, July 16th. Coordinated by the great folks at Troy Bike Rescue and led by instructors from the League of American Bicyclists, the class is free. Running from 12-4pm at Unity House located on 2431 Sixth Avenue in Troy, students will receive a bike light… more

Looking to donate items to ReStyle?

Do you have clothes, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories you just don’t wear anymore? Need to make room in your closet? Pare down your shoe collection? Consider donating those fashion cast-offs to Unity House! Not only will you feel unburdened by having room in your closet (and you’ll be able to see what’s in there),… more

Store Donations List

Have you seen the list of items our store can and cannot accept?     Our store can best use: Clean, boxed or bagged clothing Shoes Purses, handbags and clean tote bags Linens: sheets, pillowcases, blankets, new pillows, Towels and washcloths Jewelry Books: for children and adults We cannot accept: Used computers. Try E-Lot Recycle…. more

Getting a Foothold

Foothold is a word you might associate with rock climbing:  having a place to put your foot while you focus on moving up. If you don’t have good foothold…. well, you know what could happen. For Unity House, Foothold is the name of a software product geared toward human services agencies. What many don’t know is… more