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Bicentennial Banner Hangs from Unity House’s Front Door

Unity House’s community resource center, called the Front Door, sits next to an overpass on 6th Avenue in North Central Troy. It was never an ideal place to build, but it’s land where had a storefront and when we needed room to grow, the only place to go was up. Thanks to the many supporters… more

Albany Times Union Highlights Work of Soldier’s Heart

Soldier’s Heart, a Troy organization, dedicates itself to restoring our warriors and communities. You can read more about Solider’s Heart on their website or you can go straight to this Albany Times Union article about a local veteran of the Vietnam conflict who  travelled with Soldier’s Heart to visit Vietnam. While visiting Vietnam, he journeyed with a… more

Unity House Service Directors to meet with VA Officials

Staff from Unity House programs – Supportive Housing, Domestic Violence Services, Unity Sunshine Program, PROS and Community Resources – are headed to Albany to meet with social worker teams from the Veterans Administration at the Stratton VA Hospital. The visit is part of Unity House’s Veterans Welcome Initiative. Through this initiative, Unity House is working to better… more

Unity House a part of Joining Community Forces

Expanding on a Great Idea It started with First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden’s efforts to better assist Service members, military families and veterans. That’s how Joining Community Forces came about. As their website explains, “Community Forces focus the efforts of local providers with a common goal: to strengthen the local military community…. more

Needle Exchange Programs a Matter of Public Health

Opioid epidemic has had a big impact. In some areas, that impact has manifested in epidemic rates of new cases of HIV and Hepatitis C. That’s why programs that offer IV drug users the opportunity to exchange old needles for sterile ones, among other services, are key in fighting the spread of disease. Studies have shown that… more

August 21st: Unity Sunshine Program Hangin’ with the Cats!

Valley Cats, that is! Will you be at the Valley Cats baseball game on August 21st? The theme is Pirates and Princess and they’ll be celebrating their family literacy program. Thanks to generous ticket donors, National Grid and First Niagara, families and staff from the Unity Sunshine Program will receive free tickets to enjoy the game. There… more

It takes a village

We’ve all heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s true that no one succeeds at anything alone and this is especially so in caring for little ones. At Unity House, one of our earliest programs was helping children who were struggling with developmental delays. Over 40 years later, Unity House’s special… more

Core Values

Values are what you stand for. With that in mind, Unity House has adopted Core Values. Unity House’s core values are that with passion and integrity Unity House embraces the view that everyone deserves equal economic political and social rights. We work together to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need…. more

Voter Registration Drive a Success!

Unity House’s Front Door at 2431 Sixth Avenue was busier than usual on Friday, July 8th as the lobby was set up for community members to register to vote! TWC News was there to check it out. You can read and see the story here. Over thirty people registered to vote- many for the first time… more