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Staff from ReStyle and Unity House visit Veterans Miracle Center in Albany

For one thing, it’s appropriately named. The Veterans Miracle Center in Albany is just that. A place where, miraculously, veterans can access needed items. They say it’s where heroes find hope. Staff from Unity House and the manager of ReStyle, Unity House’s store, visited the Veterans Miracle Center to learn more after meeting Barry Feinman, the… more

Breathing Lights Coming to Capital District

Have you heard of Breathing Lights, the community art installation that will illuminate vacant buildings? The project was in the news when it won funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies through its Public Art Challenge initiative. The funding will make it possible for artists to create this public installation art in Albany, Schenectady and Troy. The project… more

Unity House has Team for Paws in the Park

Each year the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society hosts Paws in the Park at Siena College in Loudonville. It’s a great day of raising awareness of the organization’s important work and raising funds for that work. A little known facet of the humane society’s work is fostering pets for victims of domestic violence. Did you know that some… more

Veterans Welcome Initiative

Unity House is working more with area groups and experts who work on issues facing our country’s veterans. In doing so, Unity House will launch a Veterans Welcome Initiative, Unity House can tailor existing services to meet the needs of veterans looking for support and access to services or referrals. To that end, Unity House is… more

Unity House Ambassadors join the Parade!

Unity House’s Ambassadors, peer-to-peer mentors who perform outreach, will be marching in the Lansingburgh Memorial Day Parade. Wearing their signature Unity House green colors, the group will march with a Unity House banner and will walk in solidarity with veterans and their families from around the area. The Memorial Day parade will be on Monday, May… more

A Colored Ribbon for Everything

It seems those ribbons come in every color. Pink for breast cancer, red for HIV/AIDS, and more. You see one and you know it’s for something, but maybe you’re not sure what. It’s great to see campaigns that raise awareness of and support for the issues that affect us. There’s one cause that still carries quite… more

Twenty Five Years as CEO of Unity House

Where were you in 1991? You weren’t on your smart phone, there were no YouTube sensations, and very few people were talking about self-driving cars! A lot has changed in the last 25 years but, for Unity House, one thing has endured: our CEO, Chris Burke. Chris will mark 25 years on April 30th as the leader of Unity… more

Earth Day Activities at Unity Sunshine Program

Unity House’s daycare and preschool programs are operated out of three locations, two in Troy and one in Albany. Children at each location will enjoy a variety of activities for Earth Day. The program serves children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age, offering daycare, preschool and Universal Pre-kindergarten in a partnership with the… more

Produce 101 Comes to Unity House

Cook and author Amy Halloran will be speaking at Unity House to talk fruits and veggies. It’s a departure from her expertise of grains and flour, but one where she is still very much an authority. Amy is a Food Security Case Manager in the Bethany Kitchen at Unity House. Part of Amy’s job is to source nutrient-dense… more

Unity House and the Peaceful Families Project

Domestic Violence is a complex issue. One that requires community collaboration to address. But what about when there are cultural sensitivities or stigma attached to the topic of DV, as domestic violence is often called? At Unity House, the Domestic Violence Services program strives toward community collaboration at all levels while recognizing how violence presents in… more