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Domestic Violence Awareness

Liza’s Passion for Fashion set for October 22

Their names are Liza Ellen Warner and Nikki L. Hart. Two women who were murdered in separate instances at the hands of their batterers. Today, their parents each advocate for awareness of the crime of domestic violence and access to resources for victims seeking refuge. To that end, Saturday will be a great day for… more

Totes Amazing

We got a call the other day. A young woman wanted to do a personal fundraiser for Sojourner Place, Unity House’s shelter for victims of domestic violence. Our shelter is a 33 bed facility that is always at capacity. Victims and survivors who can’t be housed there work with our advocates to find safe arrangements,… more

Albany Medical Center Logo

Albany Medical Center among sponsors for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October Marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program has a full month of outreach and awareness events scheduled for October. These efforts not only bring attention to the issue of domestic violence (DV), but also offer a chance to highlight the community collaboration needed to address the issue of domestic violence in… more

Domestic Violence Services Program Honors Collaboration

October will mark Domestic Violence Awareness Month Have you heard the sobering statistic that one in four women will fall victim to domestic violence or DV, as it’s called? Some would say this issue is at epidemic proportions in our community. One thing is sure, intimate partner violence and dating abuse take a village to… more

Domestic Violence Services Program Receives $200,000 in Grant Funding

Unity House’s Domestic Violence Services program was one of two grant recipients of $200,000 from the NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence. The other recipient was Safe Homes of Orange County. Partnership with Law Enforcement The grant money will be used for partnerships with law enforcement in the community to address the issue of domestic… more

Unity House Food Pantry Receives Pet Food Donation

It was an exciting day at Unity House on Friday, July 15th as The Front Door received a visit from PetFlow, an online pet food retailer that specializes in timely deliver of pet food. PetFlow was visiting as part of their Good Deeds, their social responsibility program. These guys know how to give back BIG:… more

Leaving an abusive relationship not as easy as it sounds

Why doesn’t she just leave? It’s a question often asked when the topic of domestic violence comes up. (Shouldn’t we ask, Why does he hit her? But we digress.) Check out this Opinion piece from The Seattle Times. In it Linda Olsen of the Washington State Coalition of Domestic Violence talks about the Housing First approach and touches… more

Domestic Violence Services Team Supports Project Safe Haven

Safe Haven:  noun. Designated area(s) to which one may be evacuated during an emergency. A bit of a technical definition for the valuable service the Hudson Mohawk Humane Society offers to beloved pets of victims of domestic violence. Their Safe Haven Program works with area shelters, Sojourner Place among them, to foster pets while their human companions… more

Domestic Violence Awareness

Awesome Sauce: a recipe for success

Do you post reviews online? It seems to be the ‘in thing’ now to leave a review for restaurants, services and places online. These can be helpful to those who come along after you, to those looking for the same thing you did. But have you ever seen a review of a Domestic Violence Services program?… more